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Thanks for the suggestion - but dragging and dropping a file into Photoshop still doesn't let it 'Open in Camera RAW'.
The way I worked with the earlier version of FRV was by viewing the files in FRV, then simply right-clicking the file I wanted and selecting 'Run Program' to pass the file to Photoshop.  Doing that automatically opened Photoshop's .RAW editing dialogue, but now, with the new version of FRV, it doesn't - it just opens the file for normal editing, with no RAW editing options.

That's because once a file is already open in Photoshop, you no longer have the option to access the RAW editing controls. A file has to be opened from the outset using the 'Open in Camera RAW' file menu item, and that was what the earlier version of FRV used to do - but not any more, it seems.