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Thank you for the problem report and (especially) for the crash report.

Crash report clearly indicates that the problem (crash) occurs while uploading image data to GPU (graphics adapter). This may be caused by:

- some latest macos/driver update

- insufficient resources (your GPU shares RAM with CPU, if there is not enough ram such problem may occur).

Things to try:

  - reboot/close not needed applications

  - downgrade FastRawViewer to version 1.7.5 ( available at: )

  - if downgrade will help:

     -- upgrade to latest 2.0.2 beta ( available at: )

     -- and switch it to 'GPU compatibility mode' via

        Open terminal application (Application -> Utilities)

        issue command-line command:

defaults write com.libraw-llc.FastRawViewer Prefs.GPUCompatibilityMode 1

 -- If downgrade to 1.7.5/2.0.2-in-compatibility-mode does not help, try to reduce GPU resources used by FRV:

Preferences - GPU Processing page:

  - Image Resample: Bicubic

  - Downsampling: None (for 1.7.5)/Area resize (for 2.0.x)

  - Process RAW data on GPU: None


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team