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Focus point information is not available, it is guessed.

With raw formats, we are able to verify each format that we support, but it's a different story with focus points.

Here are some reasons why we don't display focus points:

- focus-related tags are aplenty, and they are not openly documented;

- tags need to be verified with each new camera model and firmware upgrade - thus staying current is a problem;

- there is no systematic 3rd-party research, accompanied by the necessary experimental data and / or raw files to verify it available; basically everyone (except the manufacturers themselves) copies the work done in ExifTool, and that work is far from being complete or even fully verified for those parts that are decoded, we’ve seen errors in the results - we've made two approaches to decoding focus points based on ExifTool information, in 2017 and this year, and we wasn't satisfied with the completeness and accuracy of the results;

- tags need to be verified for all focus modes and focus points, and that's impossible for us, we can't possibly check every camera model, not to mention firmware version;

- we don't want to confuse our customers by offering them guesswork which may lead them to make wrong decisions with regards to their focusing skills and can cast unfounded doubts as to the quality of the equipment they use;

- focus information becomes very misleading if the subject or camera is moved (focus and recompose).

In short, we can't ensure the functionality of such a feature, and that's the reason why we don't include it in FastrawViewer.