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Hello, the issue I'm reporting is not caused by described key sequence. I made another video. I found how to easilty replicate the problem. Standard mode is used.
1. At first selection of images is made using the mouse.
2. I press the shift and start moving the cursor using cursor keys. In the standard behavior the selection should start from current image. However, it starts for the 1st image previously selected by mouse. It remembers previous selection.
3. I repeat the same on the second row.
4. Described behavior is valid only if I start selection using shift + cursor keys on the same row.  If I move to upper row the behavior suddenly changes. It "sticks" beginning of selection to the fist selected image.
It looks it has a problem of selecting the start of selection when using just cursor keys without the mouse. It has no relation to shortcuts, as I deleted all shortcuts with cursor keys before creation of this video.