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When you say you send your rejects to the Rejected folder, are you refering to a folder created on your SD card (or other media) from the camera, or have you already copied them off the card to your hard drive?  I've heard some say don't mess with having FRV (or any other program on your computer) write to the card for fear it could corrupt it and threaten all the images on the card.
I'd like to select only those from the card I want using FRV and then have Capture One 22 open with it's import dialog with only those selected ready to import.  This is how I'm seeing it done for Lightroom folks.  I wonder why FRV supports Capture One if it does not behave that same way for Capture One.  I understand CO and LR are different programs from different developers; however, I was hoping FRV could become my culling engine of choice as a CO user.

M.A.Stough (Sony A7M4, A99v, A700)