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I struggled with the same problem. In my photo archive I use a specific naming convention and was not able to implement this with the existing tokens.
I would need the parts of the EXIF date as separate entities, like:

  • /yyyy/ or /yy/ = year
  • /MM/ = month
  • etc...

Me and the OP could then get "2022-12-24_Filename.Ext" by using the tokens "/yyyy/-/MM/-/dd/_/FN/".
Maybe we could achive the same result using our "local time format setting" (token "/Dformat/"). But I could not get this to work. My locale date format on my Mac is configured to be "YYYY-MM-DD" and it shows like this in the file manager and other places. But in FRV's renamer tool "/Dformat/" will give me the time instead and with strange results like "for9amCET" or "for1pmCET" and similar.