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Thanks for your input. I agree, these functions just worked and I loved it. Now, I just have to adjust my workflow and that just take longer. Putting it into perspective, it might only take an extra 5-10 sec. evertime I have to close my editor and reopen with the next batch of images to edit. (I don't like to overload the editor with too many loaded files at a time so I try to limit to between 5-10 photos in a batch) But if I am selecting 40-50 images for post processing, it adds up.
I cheked the "Single file key works for multiple files too" setting and it was selected. I also went back into the External Editors tab and reselected my Affinity Photo .exe again to make sure there wasn't something with the file path that might have changed with the OS update but like I said, it worked fine after the OS update for the months prior to the FastRaw update.
I will also add this bug fix on the Affinity forums as well just incase it actually is somethign on their end but why did it work for a while and then stop.

Joe McKinney
TDI Photo- Texas Digital Images