Make starred images more obvious?

Hi there, I think it would be a great optional feature to make starred images really stand out in the filmstrip. Currently when I have starred images and then quickly go back to see which ones I've starred, it's not particularly easy to see which ones are starred, and particularly difficult to quickly tell which ones are 2 vs 3 stars. Maybe we could have the option of bright red stars or the grey background in the filmstrip changes cololur when starred? I know I can filter by starred for example, but this isn't useful when going back to double check that I've starred the correct image from a burst of shots.

You may, for example, change background color to a darker one. This will make stars better visible because of higher contrast.

Instead of filtering by rating, you may use Menu - Select - Select by rating/label to highlight files with given rating/label combo.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

This works, thank you. I've changed the shortcuts of my two main ratings to red and green instead and it's much easier to see them. 

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