FRV clipping pixels from ACR after review in FRV


Originially I thought this was an ACR bug, but now I think its a FRV bug.  Please see the screen shots I posted in the Adobe Community Forum.
Basically if I take my Z9 RAW files (full size not HE*) and I open them in ACR I see all pixels.  But if I do a review in FRV then I get some clipping.  What is also interesting is FRV reports the file sizes as larger than Nikon would say they are for the camera.  See attached.  FRV reports them 8280 x 5520 when they should be 8256 x 5504.  This seems to be the clipping be caused.  Meaning that pixels are missing from the sides after I use FRV to review the images.  
Tell me what other information is needed.  Michael

Dear Sir:

FastRawViewer doesn't invent pixels.
FastRawViewer never writes to raw files, never changes raw files, and of course never crops raw files.
Raw files are opened in FastRawViewer as read-only.

FastRawViewer displays pixel dimensions according to the setting in FastRawViewer Preferences (please see page 185 of the FastRawViewer manual, the manual comes with FastRawViewer, it is a fully searchable standard PDF, and you can open it through FastRawViewer main Menu -> Help -> 'PDF manual').

According to Nikon MakerNotes tag 0x001b, and this is a part of the NEF file itself, Nikon Z 9 uncropped raw is 8280 by 5520.

If that doesn't help, please make a sample out-of-camera NEF available, you can use any file sharing service and send the link to the file to (we don't see anything attached to your post here)

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