Clearing the _Rejected subfolder leaves it in the tree


This problem occurs not only when cleaning with removing the _rejected folder, but also when changes in the folder structure are made from outside the program.
How to repeat (checked twice):
1. make a folder [1] with at least 2 photos in it
2. open FRV in [1] and delete one photo (move to _rejected)
3. reopen FRV (it will open in the last folder, i.e., [1], folder _rejected). [1], the _rejected folder already exists, with 1 photo in it)
4. execute Clear _rejected subfolder (check all options, so _rejected subfolder will be removed)
5. make sure that the _rejected subfolder is automatically removed from the tree.
6. Delete one more photo (the _rejected subfolder has appeared)
7. execute Clear _rejected subfolder (check all options)
The second time I deleted the _rejected subfolder, the tree was not updated.
I have not found an option in the preferences that would control automatic updating of the folder structure

Where is your folder tree located? Is it local/fixed drive, or removable drive or network storage?

Also, what operating system do you use? Is it Windows or macOS, what version?



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

SSD M2 on the motherboard. This disk has 2 partitions C (System, Windows 10) and D (photos processing disk). Both are NTFS partitions.

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