How can I get file renaming to use Capture time?

I forgot to change the time zone on a recent project. I used Lightroom to change the time in the metadata to the correct time. However, when I use FRV file renaming to include date and time in the file name it is still using the original, incorrect time. I can see two date and time fields in Lightromm, see attacched screenshot. It looks like FRV is using Date / Time field rather than the Captured Date / Time field. Lightroom's time adjustmentt only updates the Captured Date / Time field. How can I get FRV file rename to use the corrected time please? FRV version 2.0.8  on Windows 10.

Does Lightroom change raw file metadata? I'm afraid not. It is probably changing data in the sidecar XMP file, if you've set the option to write XMP files in Lightroom, and if not, in its own internal database.

Yes, Lightroom does change the metadata, it is the only field that is uodated in raw, it is under Metadata menu > Edit Capture Time.

Let me try to reiterate. Where does Lightroom change the metadata, please? Is it in the raw file you are opening in FastRawViewer? Or has the change remained only in the Lightroom internal database? Could you please verify that the raw file is changed the way you expect it, and if it is so, upload the raw file to some file exchange service (Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer are some of the free ones) and e-mail the link to ?

Lightroom can update the time fields in the raw file. I do not seem to be able to attach a screen shot to a reply. Will try adding to the original post.

Screen shot of catalogue settings required to save new time to oriignal raw file added to original post.

Added a screenshot from EXIFtool GUI view of the raw file after changing date time in Lightroom. You can see Lightroom changed DateTimeOriginal. Looks like FRV is using CreateDate? Would you like me to send the raw file as well? If so just let me know.

Clearly, I've asked to send us a file.

Done, example raw file sent. Should be easy to reproduce if you turn on "write date or time changes..." option in Lightroom. Lightroom only changes one of the time stamps in the metadata. I think there are three in total, but Lightroom does just one which works via for GPS tagging. However, does not work with FRV file renaming.

We don't think changing raw files is a good idea. Quite possible, we will decide against supporting a potentially hazardous workflow.

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