Reads RAW files that others don't

Just a note on how FRW has helped recently.  I upgraded to the new Nikon D7200 a few weeks ago.  Not something I'd normally do until software support is available but I knew that.  Sure enough it wasn't supported immediately by Lightroom (just noticed that Lightroom CC announced yesterday does).  However, to my surprise, FRW has been able to read the D7200 RAW with no issues.  So I've been able to keep the workflow and initial triage of all images going just fine in the interim.  Thankyou.
(I'm intrigued why FRW does just work.  Presumably the underlying NEF format hasnt changed and FRW doesn't need/worry about the camera tag in the file as perhaps ADOBE does.)
I'm also hoping that the new graphics engine in Lightroom CC speeds it up.  Even if it does, I now find FRW a very easy tool for initial sorting and triage.

You're right: NEF format is the same, metadata not changed much too, so FRV simply read and show the data.

There is no built-in color profile in current FRV versions, so colors may be off, but this is not a problem for technical analysis (exposure, sharpness, etc).

FRV will officialy support D7200 in version 1.1 (release candidate expected within one week, look for announcements on this site homepage)


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

I shall look forward to version 1.1

FastRawViewer 1.1 (not final version, but 'release candidate 2') is announced here:

We hope, active users will test it and will report bugs/suggestions/etc :)


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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