Nikon Capture NX-D picture match

I have just purchased FRV and I am trying to learn quickly.
I read on the manual that we can set the tonal curve to match the Adobe camera RAW (or LR) and it is also possible to use their hidden exposure corection. I was wondering if I could have the same match with photos developed in Nikon Capture NX-D.
Is there a way to see the same colors (tonal curve), contrast, exposure and white balance ? Maybe using a Nikon camera profile ?
Thank you and keep going on with this great software !

Dear Sir:

White balance should be the same, but hidden exposure correction may be different. We will look into it.

Thank you Iliah.
"As shot" white balance values are a bit different. For example, in a shot I read 6413K in FRV and 6719K in CaptureNX. The tint value has a different scale: FRV is -150...+150, CaptureNX -12...+12. FRV has a value of -1, while CaptureNX +0.08. Rescaling the values, tint of CaptureNX is equivalent of +1 in FRV.
Colors seem to be more on the red side in FRV...or on the green side in CaptureNX. Changing the tint to match the two sw, apparently the resultin picture doesn't change....
Contrast curve "Standard tones" is the closest match to Nikon Neutral Picture Control.
Exposure of CaptureNX seems to be somewhere near to +0.67EV in respect to FRV.
Thank you for your support !

Dear Sir:

Colour temperature and tint have nothing to do with white balance accuracy, they are nothing but an indication, an attempt to translate white balance coefficients into human language, using custom formulas. There is no standard for those formulas, and no standard way to estimate the error of certain recipe; that is why one can't compare the indications across the board. More, Nikon are not using colour temperature ind tint internally, but only as indicators.

Baseline exposure is another and quite more useful parameter to support. I think we will start with that. Colour appearance, by the way, depends on the brightness - more reasons to have baseline exposure figured out.

I was just trying to describe what I see, sorry for my poor knowledge on this subject.
Hope I will learn something more here ;-)
So, let me know if you find the same behaviour and, in the case, how to have a closer image with both the sw.
Thank you....again.

Dear Sir:

I was just trying to describe what I see

Thank you, I understand and appriciate that!

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