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Thank you Iliah.
"As shot" white balance values are a bit different. For example, in a shot I read 6413K in FRV and 6719K in CaptureNX. The tint value has a different scale: FRV is -150...+150, CaptureNX -12...+12. FRV has a value of -1, while CaptureNX +0.08. Rescaling the values, tint of CaptureNX is equivalent of +1 in FRV.
Colors seem to be more on the red side in FRV...or on the green side in CaptureNX. Changing the tint to match the two sw, apparently the resultin picture doesn't change....
Contrast curve "Standard tones" is the closest match to Nikon Neutral Picture Control.
Exposure of CaptureNX seems to be somewhere near to +0.67EV in respect to FRV.
Thank you for your support !