TIFF 8 bit not shown


when exporting a Photo in Capture One to TIFF, 8 bit, uncompressed an sRGB, FastRawviewer does not show this photo. Is this a limitation, or a bug.

FastRawViewer suppors only 'from camera' images:

  • RAW files
  • JPEG files

It's a pity. FRV is a relly great software with many great features. it could be a great general Imageviewer for alle imageformats. So you need a second "Viewer" on the computer. That is a big point against FRV.
TiFF is a format which often is generated by Rawconverters for additional work in other programs. So it is a part of the worklow in Photo editing.

FRV main purpose is to be the first step in workflow and cull images fast before any (slower) raw converter is used.

We're focused on this task and on our unique set of features that no other image/raw viewer do: over/under exposure areas and statistics; true raw histogram without any adjustment applied; shadows and highlights inspection modes; WB, contrast, and exposure correction change in viewer; and a long list of future features in TODO.

On the other side, TIFF is not 'image format', but extensible container (in fact, many RAW formats uses TIFF container, so we support some kinds of TIFF images) with lot of possible data inside.

To support possible TIFF formats for photographer one need to support RGB/Lab/CMYK/BW, 8/16/24/32 bits, different compression modes (and, also, layered TIFFs, masks, paths, multi-page files).

Most likely, we'll add 'common' TIFF files support to FRV in some future release to get 'all-in-one' viewer for photographers, but this is not small task, because '8-bit RGB only' is not enough (many photographers really use lot of TIFF flavurs in pre-production stage). We cannot promise any timeframe for that.

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