Ugrade from a trial 1.2 version

I have one simple question. I already had the previous version installed on my laptop, which I was using for trial purposes. The trial period has expired but since I had customized the version heavily, I would prefer to keep those settings for 1.3 as well.
So my question is whether I will be able to keep the settings of an older trial version when I buy the license and upgrade to version 1.3. Or do I have to install version 1.3 afresh and redo all the customizations.

I've answered  in another thread:


Just install newer version over older one (you do not need to uninstall older version, new version installer will do it for you).

Most settings will keep.  There are several exclusions:

1) Keys (shortcuts): we've reworked Undo (instead of 'undelete from rejected') and Copy/Move (several last used destinatiions are stored instead of one). You may need to re-tune these keys.

2) We've deleted several obsolete functions (see list at the end of changes list at )

And bonus: after you install FRV 1.3 you'll get additional 30 days of trial



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thanks a lot for your help. I am already trying 1.3 and it is very impressive :)

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