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Hi there!

I want to import the color labels, i added during the culling process into lightroom cc. But it doesn't work,
In Lightroom, if i right click on a single or multiple pictures and select "load metadata from file" nothing happens. :(

The strange thing tough, if i give the pictures star ratings in FastRawviewer it works that way.

I use the latest Version of FastRawViewer ( FastRawViewer- @ OSX 10.10


Please make sure that you use similar 'Label style' in both Lightroom and FastRawViewer

Lightroom setting: Menu - Metadata - Color label set

FRV: Preferences - XMP - Color label style (http://www.fastrawviewer.com/sites/fastrawviewer.com/files/Prefs-5_1.png )


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

No it did not help?

Can it be a problem, i use Lightroom in German Language.

XMP labels are stored in text in XMP-sidecar, like this one:          <xmp:Label>Green</xmp:Label>

I do not know how it looks in German Lr, it is probably german words.

The easiest way to go is to use Custom labels in Lr by Menu - Metadata - Color Label set - Edit and set English text for each color (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple).

Or similar change in FRV:  Preferences  - XMP - XMP Label style - Custom and write German words same as Lightroom/german words for color labels


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

I am having the same problem.  Bridge reads the xmp files fine, but Lightroom ignores the xmp file from FRV.
I have checked the settings in LR and FRV.

1) If your raw file is already in Lightroom catalog, use Menu - Metadata - read metadata in lightroom to refresh from XMP sidecars.

2) If Lr reads ratings, but not labels, you may need to use custom XMP labels in FRV. Use same text as set in Lightroom

3) If you set ratings/labels in FRV on memory card storage, you need to transfer files (RAW+XMP) from flash card to HDD. For some (unknown) reason, Lr ignores XMP files on memory cards


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Please let me know if this should be a separate topic.
FRV is automatically converting my photos in my Nikon 7100 and 500.  When I try to import either directly into Lightroom or move from FRV to Lightroom CC Lightroom will not read the files.  I must tranfer them to Photoshop and then convert to a psd file for Lightroom to read them, slowing down my process immeasurably.
I need all my files readable by Lightroom.  If I cant get this I need to know how to cov-nvert all my files to be readable by Lightroom and then uninstall FRV.
Please help


Dear Sir:

FastRawViewer doesn't convert any raw or JPEG images, it displays them and allows to set ratings and labels, and also some conversion parameters that are acknowledged by Lightromm/ACR.

Are your images NEFs or JPEGs?

What happens when you instruct Lightroom to import your NEF files? If Lightroom refuses to import, please check that your Lightroom version is up to date and that D7100 and D500 are listed for your version as supported cameras.

You can always send us a link to one of the files Lightroom refuses to open, and we will see what's wrong. To send the files, you can use free services like Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, etc.

xmp sidecar files and Lightroom
Re.joebinator, Darcey
Lightroom will not show the colour tags if they have been changed in FRViewer and are already in lightroom. To get them to show you need to synchronize folder in Lightroom

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