Why does this keep appearing?

I do not use a lockable card and permissions are on read&write for me.
Any ideas why I get this every time I adjust exposure on NEF files?
New to this software; very new ;-)
Thank you

Dear Sir:

Could you please be more specific, maybe a screenshot would help? If you wish, you can contact us with details and screenshots through e-mail, support@fastrawviewer.com

How do I post the screen grab of what keeps appearing?
On adjusting the exposure of a RAW file open in FRV a warning appears. Once this is closed there does not appear to have been any negative action taken by FRV and my adjustment remains.
If I change the exposure again I get the same warning.
I would post the screen grab if I knew how?

Please send screenshot to E-mail mentioned above.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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