FRW freezes


FRW freezes using "Move to rejected".
iMac 3,6 GHz Intel Core i5, 12 Go Mem, OS 10.11.6 

Dear Sir:

Where are the raw files located, memory card, network drive, external drive,..? Is there free space on the device? Could it be write-protected?

Hi, thanks for the fast reply.
The RAW files are on my desktop hard drive, no write protection. The app freezes after I have used "Move to rejected" a few times (Drop down menu blocked, no action available.

Dear Sir:

What version of FastRawViewer are you on, please?

Any chance you are using a global _Reject folder mapped to some other drive?

RFW version : 1.3.6 Release 1006
No, I am using the reject folder created by FRW in the photos folder

Dear Sir:

It starts to look as if that folder is somehow locked by a different program / process. We will try to figure this out. Any additional information you could provide would be most helpful.

"Any additional information you could provide would be most helpful"

What information would help you?

Dear Sir:

Are there any applications running in parallel with FastRawViewer? Maybe some raw converters or image browsers? Can you label a shot in FastRawViewer, and do you see an XMP file appearing next to the shot in the folder?

I am trying to reproduce the problem (which hapened three times yesyerday) with no luck...I'll keep trying.
I have labeled a shot and an xmp file appeared next to it.

Well, I just managed to reproduce the problem.
What I notice is that the dropdown menu is "stuck" in front of any open window (safari, desktop), FRW window can still be moved around in the background.
No Raw converter running.
Activity monitor shows FRW is using 1.10G memory.
I have captured a few screenshots but don't know how to send them.

Dear Sir:

Could you please try this:

  1. close FRV
  2. open Terminal window
  3. copy-paste to the Terminal window the line below:
  4. defaults write com.libraw-llc.FastRawViewer Prefs.SimpleFoldersHandling 1
  5. press Enter
  6. you may close Terminal now
  7. re-open FRV
  8. Press F7 once to get Folders panel back if needed

I proceeded as indicated in your message. Looks ok so far. No freeze.
I'll let you know if anyhthing happen.
Thanks a lot for the support.

Dear Sir:

Thank you for your patience. Please let us know of any developments. Should you need to send us any screenshots, please e-mail those to 

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