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Dear Sir:

I wonder why the shot seems not to have embedded JPEG. Have you forced b/w mode, or is it a modified camera? Can you please make the raw file available?


Best regards,

Iliah Borg

You use forced BW mode, is this really BW camera (with CFA removed)? This mode is for color cameras converted to Black-White by removing Color Filter Array (CFA)

If no, and you want to use BW mode, it is better to use BW conversion (Ctrl-6), not Forced BlackWhite mode.

Forced BW mode for really color camera (with CFA in place) results in heavy aliasing, because R-G-B levels are very different (white balance is not applied). You may partially suppress this aliasing by Preferences - GPU Processing - Bicubic resampling, but full suppression is not always possible and depends heavily on zoom level


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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