Capture One 10 Integration


I'm finding that the Run Program feature of FastRawViewer just isn't working well with Capture One 10 if using the session feature.  I previously used Capture One 9 Express for Sony and have been using the trial version of Capture One 10 Pro for Sony.  One of the key features I want to use is the "session" option, which would help me manage my photos more easily.  However, the Run Program feature doesn't mimic the same behavior that I have experienced with importing into a catalog.  When importing to a catalog, only the photos I've selected in FastRawViewer are shown in the import dialog of Capture One.  When importing to a session, the photos I've selected in FastRawViewer don't seem to have any effect.  It will launch Capture One 10, but doesn't show only the photos I've selected nor preselect the chosen files for adding to the "selects" folder.  Instead, it shows every photo in the directory, which can be very slow.  After I wait for the image thumbnails to display, I'm back to selecting the photos that I want to move to the selects folder.  Perhaps this is a limitation of Capture One 10.  In any case, it's disappointing.

Dear Sir:

It seems Capture One in Session mode imports the whole folder. It actually makes sense, the way they designed it. You can use FastRawViewer to move/copy the files you selected to a separate folder Please have a look at ), and start a session with Capture One from there. 

I see your point, but I would classify saving the file in the Selects folder of the session via FastRawViewer as a workaround -- not what I'd hope for, as it adds additional manual steps above and beyond the way it's handled when storing in a Capture One catalogue.  I'll give it a try, however.  Thanks for your reply.

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