Zoom does not fit Window


I'm not sure if this is a bug, but if I try to set the zoom to fit window (strg+0) it zoom only to actual pixel 100% (same as strg+1).
So there is a lot of space around the picture.
I have a 4K monitor, and the resolution of the pictures are lower.

Dear Sir:

What is the camera?

it's not a problem with the camera. It's about the relation of the monitorresolution and the resolution of the foto. If the resolution of the foto is higher than the resolution of the monitor, then all is fine. The foto is downscaled to the resolution if the monitor as expected. But if the resolution of the foto is lower than the resolution of monitor is zoomed to max 100%. There is no upscaling to fit the size of the window.
I can set the zoom manually to 150%, or 200% or whatever and than I get a upscaled foto. But it is hard to find the perfect zoomfactor.

Yes, based on user's feedback we programmed 'fit to screen' option to not go above 100%. The standard 'use case' for fit-to-screen is one-by-one browsing (this is standard zoom setting), so if small resolution image is present into 'image stream' it looks ugly if zoomed above 1:1

It is easy to make this behaviour customizable in next minor update.

Sounds great!
Thanks a lot!

Dear Sir:

In FRV 1.4.4 beta ( https://www.fastrawviewer.com/blog/FastRawViewer-1-4-4-beta ) we added Preferences - Zoom - Allow Fit-to-screen to zoom above 1:1

If checked (default state: unchecked), it will allow fit-to-screen to go beyond 100% zoom.


Thank You! Great Support!!

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