XMP color labels compatible with either C1 or LR, not both


FastRawViewer does not properly match XMP color label behavior by localized Capture One and Lightroom. Both applications use (the same) translated color names in XMP, e.g. Rood, Geel, Groen, Blauw, Paars in Dutch.
In FRV preferences, under XMP, I can set the "XMP Label style". For localized Lightroom or Capture One there are two possibilities that work for at most one of them at a time.
The option "Custom" allows entering the translated color names for LR and C1. They are used by LR, but not by C1. C1 writes localized color labels and a correspondig value for photoshop:Urgency and reads only photoshop:Urgency. However, FRV does not write this value for "Custom" color names.
With option "Color labels (Adobe Lightroom defaults)" FRV uses the defaults for an English language version of Adobe Lightroom. This setting by itself does not work with localized LR or C1. However, (only) this option allows the additional setting "Write photoshop:Urgency tag with color labels (for PhaseOne C1)". When this is selected, color labels from FRV are used by C1, but only indirectly, through that Photoshop Urgency setting that is also written by FRV. C1 will then immediately change the English color label that was added by FRV to the translated version (e.g. Red will be replaced by Rood in the NL version). FRV seems to ignore this and keep using the Urgency from C1.
So it is possible to create combinations of settings to allow synchronizing color labels between any combination of two applications from FRV, C1 and LR, but not all three of them.
I assume this limitation is not a high priority issue, because it can be worked around in most plausible cases. However, it seems that an easy fix would be to allow the setting "Write photoshop:Urgency tag with color labels (for PhaseOne C1)" in combination with "Custom", for international users

  • evaluating C1 and LR, or;
  • migrating from one to the other, or
  • using all applications.

Dear Sir:

Thank you for your report.

Suppose you are using just Lr and C1, localized to use Dutch names for labels. Do you have full interoperability between those two when it comes to labels? In my experience, shouldn't be the case.

Do I read you right, and you are suggesting to allow "Urgency" when selecting custom set in FastRawViewer?

Solved by upgrading
After new testing with the latest versions of all applications I found that full interoperability in all combinations and synchronization directions between FRV, Lr and C1 on ratings and color labels IS possible, as long as I do NOT use the Photoshop Urgency setting in FRV. Phase One seems to have fixed the color label behavior. The label name now takes precedence in C1.

  • C1 default label names
  • Lr default label names
  • FRV "XMP Label style" = "Custom" with translated label names from C1/Lr

Please discard my previous suggestion.
My issue was revolved. Thank you for your attention.

Thank you for letting us know. It looks like we need to change description of our 'use Photoshop Urgency' setting (for C1 => for old versions of C1)


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Although it is not needed for current C1 version, we've extended [ ] Write Photoshop:urgency  option to work with custom labels. It may help older C1 versions users.

Available in FRV 1.4.4 beta: https://www.fastrawviewer.com/blog/FastRawViewer-1-4-4-beta

Also, if you wish to unset (by FRV) label to be refreshed in C1, you may need to use [ ] Use custom string for not set label  (C1 write 'None' label for English locale, you may need to change it for your language).



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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