Forum Bugs!!! No search function, can't upload images.


Hi, I have a problem with FRV and I'm attempting to write a post, but I can't. Two points:
Firstly I cannot find a search button to see if others have the same issue.
Secondly, as I attempt to upload screenshots, I cannot upload more than two, and then when I went to delete one, I cannot delete it. Specifically, I have six images I want to upload, three pairs in fact. After uploading two images, the upload button has disappeared, so I assume I can only upload a max of two images. Then when I attempt to delete an image (if I can only upload two images, then I want to upload the main two), I can't, nothing happens. When I click on the 'remove' button, I get a little blue circle icon, but nothing actually happens.
I really want to like FRV, but so far you're making it pretty hard for me. I have patience so can we please sort this.
Win8.1x64, Firefox x64, no adblocker.
Cheers, Smithy.

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