Nikon D810 + 85mm f/1.4 AF-D Errors detected in RAW file


I emailed, but now I found the forum, so others can check for same behavior.
I've got a new camera, but two of the 100 files I have shot, give an error message, when opening.
I shared 4 files, the first three are using same settings, to validate the corrupt file is not only flagged for its aperture, speed, iso setting.
Then I found an other file, which also gave the same error.
Hope this is not a problem with my camera, but since other applications don't complain, I expect it to be this application.
Errors detected in RAW file
<p><b>2017-12-24 16-18-48 ETA_8027.NEF</b>: data errors detected.

Dear Sir:
The file 2017-12-24 16-18-48 ETA_8027.NEF has two last scanlines corrupted, you can check with RawDigger (30-day free trial is OK for that). We've sent you an e-mail with the screenshots that illustrate the problem.

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