Color labels and XMP files

I am using FRV with LR.  I am setting star ratings and color labels and transferring them between the FRV and LR.  I find that ratings and labels go from FRV to LR without problems.  All star ratings and color labels go from LR to FRV without problems except for the label purple.  If I set the color to purple in LR I get no color in FRV.  Why this one color does not work in one direction is a mystery.  Any ideas what I may be doing wrong?

It is a bug, we fixed it in version 1.4.6 - please download from

Although it is labeled as 'beta', new feature list is not big now and very local, so it is safe to use this version for everyday work.

Please note, that 1.4.6 introduces new feature 'quick copy/move to subfolder' (of current folder). It is enabled by default in beta, if you do not need it, you may disable this feature via Preferences - Copy/Move/Reject - uncheck Enable quick copy/move to subfolder

Your feedback is always appreciated.

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