Lightroom load metadata stopped working

I used my free trial of FastRawViewer to rate and label a couple of folders worth of photos. For the first batch, when I used "Read metadata from file", Lightroom updated the ratings and labels perfectly.
For the second batch, I can see that the xmp files associated with the rated and labelled photos contain the correct ratings and labels, but they don't update when I click "Read metadata from file" (although Lightroom does show the progress bar as though it's reading the files).
Is there any setting that could have changed or something I'm doing wrong? I was all ready to buy FRV, if the second batch had worked as well as the first, but my trial has now expired, so I can't do anything in FRV right now.

Dear Beckie,

If FastRawViewer writes XMP files, and they contain the ratings and lables (you can check by opening the XMP files with any text editor, or send us a sample XMP by e-mail) and you are positive that you are pointing Lightroom to the right folder, please check that your Lightroom catalogue is not corrupted. When you are closing Lightroom, it suggests to backup the catalogue. Please select "Backup" and check the box saying "Test integrity before backing up". Please contact us via email, with the results. We will also provide you with an extension of the trial to get to the root of the issue.

Thank you! I had a mysterious duplicate folder that Lightroom was pointing to. I'm off to buy a licence now :)

Thank you for letting us know it is solved. Please don't hesitate to e-mail us with any questions.

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