Auto rotation set in camera but need rotation in FRV

Hi team,
Vertically oriented images being viewed in FRV are needing to be manually rotated despite having auto-rotation on in my camera settings.
I use a Nikon D7100.
Please can you advise if this is an error or am I missing something in the preferences?

Dear Sir:

the only vertical Nikon D7100 RAW sample I'was able to (quick) find is this image:

According to EXIF metadata, Orientation tag in this image is: 1 (this is standard landscape layout:

Both FastRawViewer and Adobe Camera Raw opens this image in Landscape orientation (this is, of course, not correct).

I do not see any camera orientation informaton data (using Exiftool utility) that could be used to set right orientation.

Could you please shot several paired shots in Landscape/Portrait orientation (keeping other camera settings the same), upload the files somewhere (Dropbox, Google, WeTransfer) and send the link to uploaded files to for analysis?

Additionally, Nikon Capture also sees this shot as taken in Landscape orientation:

HI... I just took a series of test images and they loaded in FRV in the correct orientation! I'll check again next time I do a shoot but it looks like it has resolved itself. I probably had some setting incorrect. Thanks for your help!

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