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I'm testing a trial version of this sofware, and trying to make a decision to purchase it or not.  So far, I'm quite impressed but have issues.  Using MacOS High Sierra, and working with photos already in my hard drive.
I ‘rejected’  3 photos all in the same folder.  A new subfolder appeared underneath labeled _Rejected but with only one of the 3 rejected photos.  The other two photos, no idea where they went.  No problem.  I was going to delete them anyway.   The photo in this folder has no rating or label at all. 
I continued with working with several other folders.  Now I no longer see a new subfolder _Rejected.  Instead, the Rejected photos appear with a red Rejected on the top in the regular folder location.  I’d rather see Rejected photos in a _Rejected Subfolder.
In my Preferences, for Ratings & Labels, I changed it to Adobe Bridge, and selected Use XMP Reject Rating. 
Why is it that only once a Rejected subfolder was created with a photo with no Rejected Label on it, but all other rejected photos are kept in same original folder with a red Rejected label on top?  
What do I need to do for Reject photos to be moved to a _Rejected subfolder like the first photo I rejected?  Very confusing.  Maybe I changed something in Preference, but can't figure out what it is that it may be.

Dear Sir:

Please check in FastRawViewer Preferences -> Copy/Move/Reject section that you are not using a global Reject folder and the status of "Allow move/reject for locked files". Please also check that the file is not locked by Photoshop, Lightroom, or some other application; and contact us at

I think I've mentioned in my post that a _Rejected subfolder had been created.  As I understand it, it only happens if the Global folder isn't selected.  If I had selected, I would've have created a new folder in a location of my choice.
BTW, I'm not 'sir'.  I'm a woman.

Dear Madam:

I'm very sorry.

In regards to the global rejected folder you are right of course. The reason for my question is that sometimes one changes this setting during the session, and wonder why no more files are moved to the local folder. That may explain your "The other two photos, no idea where they went". 

Thank you.  Appreciate your taking the time to respond.  But no, I looked at it, but when it asked me to choose a folder on my computer, I decided it was a bad idea to damp all rejected photos on the same folder.   I looked in my computer's trash folder to see if they ended up there, but no, they didn't.  I will eventually find them in an unrelated folder I suppose, but they're to be discarded any way.  Have a great weekend.

And followup:

Reject rating and Menu - File - Move to Rejected are very different in nature:

Reject rating (or -1 star rating) is recorded into XMP sidecar file (and shown as 'Rejected' word in Grid/Filmstrip view). This "-1 stars" rating is used only by Adobe Bridge (FRV supports it too if this option is checked in preferences). If you do not use Adobe Bridge, Reject rating is mostly useless, because no other software will see it.

Menu - File - move to Rejected will move file/files into _Rejected subfolder of current folder (with default settings), or into Global Rejected folder if configured.

Despite of similar names, there are two very different functions (for Rejected rating we use name from Adobe Bridge, because it is the only program that uses it)



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thank you, Lexa.  That makes sense.  Appreciate your detail explanation.

Interesting  information.

I noticed that the REJECTED rating does not get picked up by Lightroom, although LR has a "rejected" rating as well. I am deciding whether buying FRV, I like it, but I wonder if there is a way to show "only rejected" or "only rated" images so I can either get rid of teh rejects before importing in LR, or just copy the rated images to my external drive where I keep my images. Selecting manually rejects or selects is time consuming and prone to errors. Or at least if there is a way to sort images by rating.
Thank you!

Dear Sir:

In Lightroom "rejected" is an internal tag, not a rating; and Lightroom doesn't pick this tag from XMP sidecar files.
In FastRawViewer displayed files can be filtered using label and ratings combinations, please have a look at
After that you can simply select all files that passed the filter (Ctrl-A, or Cmd-A, if on a Mac), and copy or move those files only to a destination of your choosing.
To copy a group of selected files, right-click on any of the selected files in the Filmstrip or in the Grid, and choose “Copy to...”. For more details please look at “Actions on marked/selected files” on page 53 of the Manual.

Lightroom imports whole folders, and there is no way to force it to import files selectively from a folder. However, you may instruct Lightroom not to import from subfolders, unchecking "include subfolders" in Import dialogue.
One way to use this subfolder import control to an advantage is to perform a reject operation in FastRawViewer. This moves the unwanted files to a subfolder named _Rejected (by default, it is created inside the folder you are browsing, shortcut for reject operation is Ctrl+Shift+Del or, for Mac, ⇧⌘⌫ ). Moving files to _Rejected subfolder doesn't delete them – you can always restore all or some of them into the main folder and after you made sure that _Rejected subfolder contains only those files you definitely not going to keep, you can Files → clear Rejected folder. This operation move rejected files to the trash bin, so you still have an option to restore them.
For your convenience, FastRawViewer Manual comes with the installation (main Menu - Help - "PDF Manual") and is fully searchable. You can also download it separately in higher resolution from - direct link is

What I'm trying to do is delete the rejected files on the SD card before importing the files I want to keep to the computer. (This way, I have double copies of the files I want to keep without taking up unnecessary space on my SD cards, handy for traveling.) So I move the files to the Rejected folder and clear the folder. However, when I view image files on the camera, it still tries to show the deleted files and it still counts them as being on the card. If I look at the card via FRV, Lightroom, or even Explorer, it doesn't show the files. Is there a way to tell the camera they aren't there?

Dear Madam:

Moving files to _Rejected doesn't delete them, if you want to delete files in _Rejected please use "Clear _Rejected folder" in main menu, under "File".

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