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And followup:

Reject rating and Menu - File - Move to Rejected are very different in nature:

Reject rating (or -1 star rating) is recorded into XMP sidecar file (and shown as 'Rejected' word in Grid/Filmstrip view). This "-1 stars" rating is used only by Adobe Bridge (FRV supports it too if this option is checked in preferences). If you do not use Adobe Bridge, Reject rating is mostly useless, because no other software will see it.

Menu - File - move to Rejected will move file/files into _Rejected subfolder of current folder (with default settings), or into Global Rejected folder if configured.

Despite of similar names, there are two very different functions (for Rejected rating we use name from Adobe Bridge, because it is the only program that uses it)



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team