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I tried to search this forum for any prior discussions but see there is no search bar.  Sorry if this has been discussed.
I am testing Capture One as a lightroom alternative/improvement and also recently discovered FRV.  So far I am VERY impressed with FRV!!
I am trying to fully understand metadata sync/conflicts between these three programs.  In all I have set preferences in all 3 to read/write to xmp file, and for testing purposes I manually force read/write/reload of the test files to see how color and star ratings are handled between the three.
In FRV, I have set to always sync metadata and also to write to PS Urgency field (as indicated in your menual when using C1.  I also have rating/color set to LR labels.  With FRV here is what I observe:
1) Both LR and C1 read FRV stars and colors
2) FRV reads LR stars and ratings under the histohgam but neverthe less shows NEITHER on the thumbs or full image and acts like none exist (except under the histogram)
3) Neither LR or FRV seem to pick up C1 stars or colors.
Is this what shold be happening, or is my functionality less than designed?  

Dear Sir:

Lightroom keeps ratings and labels in an internal database. For Capture One / FastRawViewer to see those, you need to export metadata from Lightroom. Lightroom will record XMP sidecar files that other applications can read, that's the standard exchange mechanism.

Here is one way to do that. In Lightroom, Library mode, and for example while in Grid view:

  • click on "All Photographs" under "Catalog"; 
  • "Select All" (Ctrl-A or Cmd-A, if on OS X)
  • right-click on an image, from the drop-down go to Metadata and to "Save Metadata to Files"

If metadata is changed outside Lightroom, but the images are already imported into Lightroom catalogue, you can re-sync metadata through "Read Metadata from Files".

Thanks for your speedy reply.
Yes, I previously did the things you describe and reported the results as described in my 1st post.
Based on that, my question is: is the behavoir I stated the limit of sync with FRV, or should it be better?  If better, do you have any idea why I am not getting full sunc results between FRV and Lr and between FRV and Capture One?  I beliebe I have all settings properly set per your user manual instructions for the 3 programs.
Thanks again!

Dear Sir,

In FastRawViewer, if you click on the "Gear" icon in the film strip and scroll to "Show Rating/Label", does it say "Do not show"?

In the Gear Icon -> Show Rating/Label I have it set to "Below Thumbnail".
To investigate further, I installed ExifToolGUI.  With that I see that there are several xmp files for each image labeled:
Likely these result from having each of the 3 programs read/write/sync to xmp.
I will run more tests tomorrow and report further.
Have you seen this before?

Dear Sir,

You can e-mail us ( support@fastrawviewer.comthe XMP files to try to determine which application created which file.

Only the XMP with the same file name as the rafile is guaranteed to work.

You can try to isolate the problem, creating a folder, placing a raw file there, importing it to Lightroom, changing the rating, exporting the metadata, and starting FastRawViewer and opening that raw file in it. Do you see now in FastRawViewer the changes to the rating you've made in Lightroom?

I can't confirm that. C1, FRV and LR reads and writes stars/ colors from other one.
But there is a one thing which is importatnd - you must change your color labels in FRV and LR to exactly same name which is in C1 displayed because C1 not allow to set own labels for color names.

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