FRV create always DUMP file when Windows goes to suspend


on my 3 computers I have newly that problem that FRV is always crashing and creates a dump file when Winows goes sleep/ suspend mode.
I'm not sure but I mean it cames with 1.4 Version.


Dear Sir:

It is important to keep current with video drivers. Windows update is often falling behind in that respect. Please use links to vendor-supplied drivers on under "If Your Browsing Speed is Low, or You are Experiencing Graphics Issues".

Next, please try "OpenGL" in FastRawViewer Preferences – "GPU Processing" – "Graphic engine" drop-down.

If that doesn't help, please go to FastRawViewer Preferences – "GPU Processing" – "GPU Compatibility settings" section and check "Exit program on OS Sleep/suspend". That addresses the issue when an OS / driver is unable to correctly restart OpenGL operations after the wake up.

You may find pages 145..147 of the Manual useful. For your convenience, FastRawViewer Manual comes with the installation (main Menu - Help - "PDF Manual") and is searchable. You can also download it separately in higher resolution from the usual download location, - direct link is

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