Program freezes

It started after several months of usage. Something has fillup or what.
When culling pretty fast, program freezes on several seconds after every dozen photos or so. its freezed dead - no menu, no photo change, nothing. It becamed almost unusable.
In general it slowed down dramatically, even turning on for simple image can take several seconds.
Any cache/temps to clear?

Dear Sir:

FastRawViewer do not have any file caches/temp storage (apart from color conversion maps), so it should not be the cause.

Usual causes are:

 - slow storage media (see Settings for Different types of data storage here: ), for example if you use external drive it may degrade.

 - starting from FRV 1.4.6, we use graphics card for demosaic, it may be not-so-compatible with your card/drivers. Try to disable it via Preferences - GPU Processing:  Process RAW data on GPU: none, Parallel GPU data upload: none (these settings are enabled by default only on fast enough GPUs).

If steps above will not hepl, please:

  - Enable Debug log feature via Preferences - Other - Debug log messages: All

  - browse several images until you see slow-down

  - go to Menu - Help -Debug log, save log to file and send it to for inspection.

1060 TI with latest drivers
i7 8700K
hdd in raid split, around 350MB/s for workflow drive. I cannot afford 8TB SSD yet.
All programs and caches on m.2 drive.

I will check debug mode.

I've changed settings for:
thumbnail prefetch: 200
meta cache size: 40000
thumbs decoder thread: 12

and looks better, but still freezes here and there

Unless you have many drives (e.g. 6+) and large cache in you RAID array, we suggest to decrease both thumbnail decode threads and raw decode threads (to 3..4).

Magnetic (mechanical) drives are not good in parallel I/O, so it is better to decrease parallel level of FRV.

Also, could you please specify in which cases program freezes:

 - is it thumbnail (grid) display

 - or single file view (e.g. when moving from one file to another in single-file-view mode).

For the second case, try to disable RAW GPU processing as suggested in my first reply.

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