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Dear Sir:

FastRawViewer do not have any file caches/temp storage (apart from color conversion maps), so it should not be the cause.

Usual causes are:

 - slow storage media (see Settings for Different types of data storage here: ), for example if you use external drive it may degrade.

 - starting from FRV 1.4.6, we use graphics card for demosaic, it may be not-so-compatible with your card/drivers. Try to disable it via Preferences - GPU Processing:  Process RAW data on GPU: none, Parallel GPU data upload: none (these settings are enabled by default only on fast enough GPUs).

If steps above will not hepl, please:

  - Enable Debug log feature via Preferences - Other - Debug log messages: All

  - browse several images until you see slow-down

  - go to Menu - Help -Debug log, save log to file and send it to for inspection.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team