Blistering fast with RAW files until.. I peruse Adobe DNG files

Been using FRV for about 6 months now to cull after shoots and prior to LR edit.
Works beautifully most of the time -- BUT - if I let LR convert a shoot to DNG and then try to review in FRV, all speed is lost and FRV is nearly unusable.
I've tried the various settings, DNG creation paths (with / without jpegs), various FRV settings etc. but DNG format just seems to gum up the FRV works.
My solution has been to not convert to DNG. But I am curious what is going on. Am I missing something?

Dear Sir: Could you please upload a DNG sample and e-mail us a link, ?

thanks and sent file to you!

Dear Sir: Thank you for the sample. The conversion process you applied to produce this file make a linear DNG, that is the file is demosaicked. That means 4x more data after unpacking. Of course the processing is times slower. On top of that, the file contains lossy 8-bit data, here is the relevant portion of metadata [EXIF] 0x0102 BitsPerSample: 8 8 8 [EXIF] 0x0103 Compression: Lossy JPEG [EXIF] 0x0106 PhotometricInterpretation: Linear Raw [EXIF] 0x0115 SamplesPerPixel: 3 If you are forced to use such a format, please try setting Preferences -> "GPU Processing" -> "Process RAW data on GPU" to "All raw files" - that will speed things up a lot if your video card / GPU is one of the modern models.

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