Undo REJECT action no longer working


Hi team,
When setting a photo to reject using X key shortcut, I can no longer Undo the action either by using Command-Z or navigating to File > Undo reject for 1 file. 
This seems to be a new bug as I've never previously had an issue with it.
Running a fully up-to-date version of FRV on MacOS Mojave 10.14.
Currently having to manually move file from Rejects folder back to original destination which obviously isn't ideal!
Thanks, Kimberley.

UPDATE: Undo does appear to now be working but with about a minute delay. Also, the file does not reinsert into the filmstrip when in full screen view, I need to return to grid view for the file to return in filename order and then re-enter full screen with filmstrip at the bottom for the unrejected file to reappear. I used to be able to undo reject, back arrow key to view the unrejected file and then continue on but it is not reinserting into place. 

What type of storage you use? Is it internal (SSD) drive, or external disk, or flash card, or network volume?


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

I cull (using FRV) off the computer's internal hard drive before transferring the selects to an external drive.

Please download and install this version: http://updates.fastrawviewer.com/data/beta/FastRawViewer-

This is custom build with extensive 'Undo file move' logging.

After installing, go to Menu - FastRawViewer - Preferences, open the 'Other' tab and change:

Debug Log messages: All

Save debug log to file: Yes, remove on quit

Close FRV and start it again Try to Reject (Move to _Rejected), than Undo reject 1-2 times.

Go to Menu - Help - Reveal debug log in Finder (Finder window will open with FRV debug log highlighted)

Send this Debug log file to support@fastrawviewer.com


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Hi team. The undo reject function seems to be working again but maybe because I have deleted all the JPG files? I usually shoot only in RAW but for this one shoot I shot RAW + JPG.  In FRV I had the preferences set to handle RAW + JPG together so unsure if this is what might've been causing the lag?

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