Zoom In/Zoom Out range with lower limit = Fit to Window size ?

Hi, I really love the program. It helps me saving so much time in the process of culling and evaluating my photos.
I'm really happy about the settings for the "Zoom In/Zoom Out range", because I don't want to zoom in beyond 100%.
But I also don't want to zoom out below "Fit to Window size". But the smallest value I can enter for "Zoom out" is 5%. It would be fantastic if there was another setting that would limit the "Zoom out" to "Fit to Window size" so that I could use the mouse wheel for zooming between "fit to window" and "100%".
Do you think you can add this little setting in one of the next releases? That would be awesome! :-)

Dear Sir:

thank you for your proposal. Yes, this is very easy to implement. Expect this feature in next FRV 1.5(-beta) update in a few days.

Dear Sir:

the requested feature is implemented in FastRawViewer 1.5.0-Beta2 (build 1464): https://www.fastrawviewer.com/blog/FastRawViewer-1-5_Beta2

Use Preferences - Zoom - Fit Window checkbox to turn it on:

Fantastic! Thank you so much for implementing it so quickly. I'm using it since that version came out and I love it. Works great! :-)

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