Zoom In/Zoom Out range with lower limit = Fit to Window size ?

Hi, I really love the program. It helps me saving so much time in the process of culling and evaluating my photos.
I'm really happy about the settings for the "Zoom In/Zoom Out range", because I don't want to zoom in beyond 100%.
But I also don't want to zoom out below "Fit to Window size". But the smallest value I can enter for "Zoom out" is 5%. It would be fantastic if there was another setting that would limit the "Zoom out" to "Fit to Window size" so that I could use the mouse wheel for zooming between "fit to window" and "100%".
Do you think you can add this little setting in one of the next releases? That would be awesome! :-)

Dear Sir:

thank you for your proposal. Yes, this is very easy to implement. Expect this feature in next FRV 1.5(-beta) update in a few days.

Dear Sir:

the requested feature is implemented in FastRawViewer 1.5.0-Beta2 (build 1464): https://www.fastrawviewer.com/blog/FastRawViewer-1-5_Beta2

Use Preferences - Zoom - Fit Window checkbox to turn it on:

Fantastic! Thank you so much for implementing it so quickly. I'm using it since that version came out and I love it. Works great! :-)

Hi FastRawViewer Team,
I'm using this new option for quite a while now and I found out about two issues:
1) when enabling the "Fit window" option for the smallest magnification and I zoom in and out using the mouse wheel, then navigate through images with different orientations (landscape, portrait), the magnification is not "Fit window" once the orientation between two images switches. It would be great if that would be fixed, so that "Fit window" works for all pictures no matter what orientation they are in.
2) I'm missing an option for zooming in to 50% only. In the other zoon options like "Zoom and Drag", "Zoom and Pan", and "Toggle Zoom" I can specify 50%, but not in the "Zoom In/Zoom Out range". Can you please add the option for 50% there as well - for consistency?
Thank you very much for your great support. There is almost no day I'm not enjoying your program when working on my photos.

Dear Sir:

1) When switching between images, magnification ratio is defined in 'Image zoom on next file' setting. It is not linked to manual zoom ranges in any way. Default value is 'fit to window',  most likely 'keep zoom ratio' will fit your case.

If it does not works as expected, could you please describe your scenario in details: we do not see any problems with portrait/landscape mix and this setting.

2) Yes, low-limiting max manual zoom ratio to 50% will be consistent with other settings. Changed, will be available in next minor update.

Hi all,
thank you for your fast response - as always.
Regarding 1): the option "fit to window" for the next file works as you described. But there are situations, when I want to switch between different files as a higher magnification to see, which one is sharper in a series.. One solution would be to have a keyboard modifyer for switching to other files while keeping the current zoom factor. For instance "Shift" + the key or mouse commend that's used to jump to the next/previous picture could preserve the zoom setting, while without the "Shift" key it would fall back to "fit to window". But actually I see "fit to window" as a special zoom value/setting that could/should be kept if the setting for "Image zoom on next file" is set to "keep zoom ratio" is active. This doesn't work as expected...
Let's assume this situation: "zoom out" is limited to "fit to window" and I'm looking at a photo in portrait mode. I zoom in with the mouse wheel and zoom out again. The zoom out action stops as soon as the image fits the window. Fine. The zoom level is at 7% now.
Then I switch to the next photo, which is in landscape orientation. The image appears smaller than "fit to window", at 7%. This shouldn't happen. It should "fit to window". The other scenario starts with a landscape photo, zooming in and out using the mouse again. The photo is displayed in "fit to window" zoom level of 10,4%. When I navigate to the next/previous photo in portrait mode, it will be displayed cropped, because of the zoom level being 10,4% now.
Is there a combination of settings in the preferences, which fixes this problem? I think if the lowest value with the "fit to window" option on for the lower zoom range, should always be "fit to window", but never smaller. Therefore the current behavior is inconsistent. I hope this makes sense. Otherwise I'm happy to explain better once more.
regarding 2): thank you so much for your quick change. I'm looking forward to seeing it in the next update.

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