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Hi FastRawViewer Team,
I'm using this new option for quite a while now and I found out about two issues:
1) when enabling the "Fit window" option for the smallest magnification and I zoom in and out using the mouse wheel, then navigate through images with different orientations (landscape, portrait), the magnification is not "Fit window" once the orientation between two images switches. It would be great if that would be fixed, so that "Fit window" works for all pictures no matter what orientation they are in.
2) I'm missing an option for zooming in to 50% only. In the other zoon options like "Zoom and Drag", "Zoom and Pan", and "Toggle Zoom" I can specify 50%, but not in the "Zoom In/Zoom Out range". Can you please add the option for 50% there as well - for consistency?
Thank you very much for your great support. There is almost no day I'm not enjoying your program when working on my photos.