Keyboard focus

When I press Return FRV enters the single view with the film strip at the bottom.
Is there a way to automatically move the keyboard focus to the strip as well?
Right now it's another click.

I didn't find anything in the preferences.


Dear Sir:

Filmstrip operations (i.e. move to prev/next file via arrow keys) are repeated/duplicated via global shortcuts (Next/Prev file, etc) in default keyboard shortcuts settings, so there is no need to get keyboard focus in filmstrip subwindow.



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

When I press left or right without setting focus on the filmstrip nothing happens.
I have changed many of the keyboard shortcuts. Maybe I have misconfigured something then?
But I don't see the prev/next file in the keybaord shortcut settings that you are referring to.
There is only a "move to prev file and (de)select" and "(de)select current file and move next".
Thanks for the help.

Just add  Left/Right arrow keys as shortcuts for Open prev/next file using standard procedure.

Default settings are:

Next file: Left (arrow), Ctrl+Left, Space, Num+Left (numpad key), Ctrl+Num+Left

Prev file:  Right, Ctrl+Right, Backspace, numpad right, ctrl-numpad-right


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Aaaah. It's in "open prev file". Works! Thanks!

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