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If I'm in the middle of culling RAWs and I sleep my Windows PC (version 1903) I quite often find that the FastRawViewer program just shuts down a few seconds after the PC wakes up. This doesn't happen every time but is more likely to occur if the PC sleeps for an hour or more.
Immediatley on recovering from sleep the FastRawViewer main screen no longer displays an image but just shows a message that, from memory, is "Sleep signal received".
This displays for a few seconds and then the application shuts down and I have to restart it.
Any thoughts?
Thanks, Peter

Dear Sir:

Exit program on OS Sleep/suspend – some versions of Windows video card drivers perform an incorrect wake up and FastRawViewer crashes when the computer wakes up after Sleep/Suspend. In this case, you will need to use this mode and start FastRawViewer again each time the computer wakes up.

This is FastRawViewer Preferences, GPU processing tab (screenshot is on page 112 of the Manual).

But before setting that checkmark, you may want to update your video drivers. Drivers that come with regular Windows updates are often outdated, that's why we suggest to use video card manufacturer's versions. To update drivers, please use the links on page, under "If Your Browsing Speed is Low, or You are Experiencing Graphics Issues".  

I'm using the latest NVidia driver 431.36 released on 9th July 2019 surely FastRawViewer is compatible with NVidia graphics drivers?
Regards, Peter

Dear Sir:

It's not FastRawViewer compatibility problem, it's Windows and / or drivers problem; please read

I mentioned the simple workaround in my previous post, we will see if we can add any other workarounds.

Would be much appreciated!
Having worked in IT for 30 years I appreciate that dealing with issues like these can be difficult, particularly when you need to rely on components and APIs from third parties. If you need someone to beta test a fix please let me know, I'm happy to help where i can.
Regards, Peter 

Having the same issue on Windows 7 with the latest nvidia drivers...

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