Other apps come to the foreground when sending images to Photoshop


Whenever I send images to Photoshop, I get Safari or Messages or some other app that springs to the foreground after the image opens in PS. 
Edit: it seems to only happen for RAW files when Adobe opens the RAW editor panel. Dragging and dropping the files from the Finder to PS doesn't show the same issue so there is something in how FRV is doing this

Could you please provide more details, we can't reproduce the problem. "After the image opens in Photoshop" may mean that there are some additional actions Photoshop, not FastRawViewer, triggers. Do you have any add-ons installed, to enhance the OS or Photoshop behaivior? You may find e-mail communications easier, especially for attaching screenshots - support@fastrawviewer.com

weird. I don't see this today for some reason. 

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