Canon EOS R5 CR3 RAWs displaying incorrectly


Dear Team,
as FastRawViewer is one of the only Viewers currently supporting CR3 RAWs, i wanted to use it to Cull my RAWs from my new EOS R5.
Unfortunately, despite all efforts, i cannot get it to display the RAWs correctly. They are always flat and wrongly rendered.
See example screenshot below:

I tried every setting regarding color profile or rendering setting, but the images stays as such - it seems like a wrong rendering on a kind of logarithmic color profile.

Anyone has any idea on how to change that?

BTW: The embbeded JPG obviously displays fine, same as the thumbnails.
Thanks for your feedback!

Best regards,

Perfect! Works fantastic!

still having this issue with the latest version of FRV and The Canon R6ii   - any suggestions? 

Please make sure you're running FastRawViewer 2.0.6 or newer.

If even the latest beta version ( ) doesn't help you, please share several sample files with


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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