Keyboard shortcuts not working when I open a source detected by FRV


Mac OS Mojave, 17 inch iMac, using FRV v1.6.0 Build 1639
I open FRV. I insert my media. A popup : "Removable Media at Volumes/Camera Name insertion detected. I click OK. FRV opens in Grid view. I select all and assign one star. I then go into the filmstrip view, which allows me to change the rating using the right-click popout window, but I cannot use the keyboard shortcuts to do that.
I need to exit FRV. When I re-open the program, the shortcuts work.
This problem does seem to be fairly consistent.

Thank you for reporting.

Are other shortcuts (e.g. file navigation) still working in described case, or all shortcuts are disabled?


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Some work, others don't. Everthing works from the menu bar, and everything works if I right-click. If I start in grid view, I can select everything (ctrl-A) and add a rating to everything (opt-1). If I then go to the strip view, there is no response. If I unmount the SD Card, and plug it back in, FRV asks me again if I want to open it, and then everything works.
This may not be very helpful to you, but I don't have a lot of time to explore this at my end. I will keep trying, and will let you know.

George Charpentier, Saskatoon, Canada

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