1.6.1 build 1665 - Would this be possible?

I just updated to the above version and noticed that you added a "Display Fine Detail" (D) button to the USM.
That is pretty nice, and I think makes it somewhat possible to use that to cull images for sharpness, but I still have to look for the amount of the "bright red" areas (more of those around edges seems to ==> sharper). 
So I was wondering if it'd be possible to add a feature to FRV when I could select an area, and FRV could calculate some number that is indicative of the number of bright red areas within the boundary?
Or something like that?

Dear Sir:

Good local contrast is not a single-digit indicator of sharpness. FastRawViewer only highlights the areas where a significant local contrast is present, but it takes a bit more than just an AI  to decide if those areas are in sharp focus. The best judge here is the photographer.

But that (the human part) is what I am suggesting by when I said that the user can select a "area-of-interest" (AOI), then then FRF would calculate the score of the bright red areas (which I think indicate what you call local contrast?).  When I am culling, I know which area(s) I am looking for sharpness (clear edges), but it would be nice if FRV could help provide an objective "score". 
I really do like the new fine detail feature and that helps a lot though.

Dear Sir:

The moment we calculate a score it begins to affect the decisions of photographers. In a lot of cases such a score will be misleading. We really know what we are talking about ;) 

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