1:1 zoom appearing binned

First, I love FRV, congrats to the whole team. The ergonomics are very production-oriented, as they should, and I foresee it becoming the central part of my workflow. Bring it on Android!
Now the one bit that surprised me is that on my PC it seems that 1:1 viewing is not sharp at all, pixels appear binned 2x2 (D810 nefs, no Jpeg usage, OpenGL version, NVidia GT750 card, plenty of RAM). Is that the expected demosaicing?
If so, then my #1 request would be to add a "sharper" demosaicing (maybe even by giving a user-editable matrix at least for the more standard Bayer patterns so that we can control chroma vs geometric accuity). On top of that a simple user-configurable unsharp mask would be a nice to have, even a simple 3x3 matrix convolution could be enough I think (a pretty simple shader to implement).

Dear Bruno,

High-quality demosaicking is in our plans, however it is not easy to implement it in such a manner that it does not slow things up. We are working on this, but currently we can't put a date on it.

USM is now on our feature request list, thank you.

It is a bit early for an Android version, but we are certainly looking that way, too.

Ah great, glad to hear that. For workflow purposes the focus peaking is much more useful anyway. Sometimes though, when A/Bing a series to decide which one to keep (say landscape on windy conditions, handheld series etc.), getting a feeling of the end result can make the decision easier. I think that a "high res rendering" key would be perfectly acceptable, you don't need to see all the pictures in their full glory to chose the right one 90% of the time.
Talking about full preview, camera profiling would be nice as well, for instance matching a list of ICC profiles with camera / lens combos based on exif when mixing gear. Nothing worse than having to painfully select the right profile in LR for every picture...

Oddly enough, a sharpness comparason workaround is to toggle the imbedded jpeg solely for the purpose of comparing sharpness in 100% view. Toggle back to raw rendering for comparing other aspects. Its not perfect but it gets you a bit closer.

Very much looking for Android raw software.  I don't particularly want to add a process step to my PC Lightroom workflow, but in the field I use an Android tablet.  That's where I want a raw viewer. 

Android version is planned, but not immediately.

You may use FRV on MS Surface Pro tablet.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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