v2.0.2 - Excessive lag when dragging/moving program window?


Hi. New user here. Love the software, it does what I need perfectly. I have just one issue that I can't seem to figure out. Why is the program window so laggy when I drag and move it around the screen? I have a perfectly capable laptop (i7-4720HQ, GTX 970M, 12GB RAM) yet there is a lot of lag when dragging the window around the desktop. I have not experienced this with any other programs like Photoshop or Lightroom. I tried running the program in both DirectX 11, OpenGL and Legacy modes but the lag still remains in all 3. I also ran the program with the dedicated GPU and no difference. The issue is slightly better if I run the laptop on mains power (which provides max CPU performance) but it seems strange to me how this occurs in the first place. I wonder if there is a setting I need to adjust? I am seeing only very low CPU/GPU/RAM/disk usage in Task Manager.

FastRawViewer uses GPU that provided by system, there is no specific GPU-selection code in the program.

For Dual-GPU case it may result in  one GPU assigned to FRV while other GPU is used by system for windows drawing. In that case:

  - FRV draws itself on one GPU (in framebuffer)

  - system copies this framebuffer into second GPU graphics memory

  - and redraws it on screen.

This might be slow.

If your system allows explicit application-GPU assignment try to assign FRV to another GPU.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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