FRV hangs indefinitely on opening


I've used FastRawViewer for a couple of years.  I just upgraded to a new Alienware R13 with Windows 11 and installed FRV.  Every time I open FRV 2.0, it doesn't even start to load the file browser.  It just hangs and doesn't respond until I eventually just end the process with Task Manager.  I tried 1.78 and it loads the file browser and hangs just after.  I already have the latest graphics card drivers.  What can I do?
Thank you.

Dear Sir:

It may happen that you have a 'ghost' (mounted, but not connected) network drive, for example your NAS is turned off, but the drive letter remains in the system.

Please reboot, then download and install FastRawViewer 2.0.4

Before starting it, please go to Windows Start Menu - LibRaw - FastRawViewer and execute ReducedFoldersFunctions script. There will be two prompts, Registry Editor start and Registry change,  please confirm both.

Try starting FastRawViewer now.


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