Rejected Menu Item Greyed Out


I'm having an issue where the "Move [file] to _Rejected" menu item is greyed out when using subfolder mode — this also makes the keyboard shortcut inoperable so rejecting files is not possible at all.
FWIW, It makes no difference if I use a global Rejected folder or not.
Exiting subfolder mode re-enables rejecting files.
As far as I can tell, this is a problem that cropped up within the last update or two as I don't remember it happening more than a (few) months or so ago.
Also, am I just blind, or is there no way to search the forum to find out if someone else has already posted on a particular issue?
Thanks for your time on this,

This is not bug, but documented feature:

Motivation is also described in this manual chapter.

Forum search: we're not web/search engine professionals, so please use google with search area operator



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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Thanks for the quick reply.
Ok, I see the reasoning. I guess, somehow, I'd never tried rejecting a file in subfolder mode before.
Forum search: I can certainly search with a search engine (I use duckduckgo), that's not a problem but I'd imagine that having a built in search module would cut down on duplicate posts.
Again, thanks for your time on this matter and for making FRV, it's incredibly useful.

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