Keyboard shortcuts for toggle individual star rating filters? Or switches in the bottom bar?

Hi there,
Is there a way to toggle star/colour rating filters through keyboard shortcuts? So hitting Cmd/1 for activating or deactivating the filter for 1 star ratings, Cmd/2 for activating and deactivating star ratings of 2, and so on. So for example if I want to see all of star ratings 2 and 3, I just hit Cmd/2, Cmd/3. Then if I just want to see the 3 stars, from there I can hit Cmd/2 to remove the 2 stars from the filter.
In other software, I have this and red filter=Cmd/6, and so on. 
Failing this, is there a way of having star/colour rating filters shown in the bottom bar? This would help keep image real estate efficient while having the all-important filters always visible and easy to adjust.

There is no shortcut(s) for specific filter checkbox(es).

There are shortcuts for:

  • remember current filter/recall it
  • Turn filtering on/off

See details in Menu - File - File filtering in folder submenu



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

i second the request for keyboard shortcuts to filter for rating. as a professional wedding photographer i need to sort thousands of images, and quickly changing the ratings filtered is really enhancing the process big time. 

big thanks!

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