unable to move selected files in filmstrip to _rejected folder


in grid mode, i can select multiple files and then press ctrl-shift-del to move them all to the _rejected folder,
but in single image mode, if i select multiple files on the filmstrip and press ctrl-shift-del, it only moves the single 'current' file to the _rejected folder, not the whole selection
note:  i have 'interface/selection/single file keys work for multiple files" checked ON. 
is there a way to select multiple files in using the filmstrip and send them all to _rejected?

This is not a bug but carefully created feature based on behaviour of similar programs (with single/grid view).

Standard hotkey(s) action depends on context:

  • Single file in Single file view
  • Single file in Grid View but current file is not part of selected group (configurable)
  • Multiple file in Grid View if current file is in selected group.

It is possible to enable separate shortcuts set that will always act on selected files even if current context is single file.

This is described in details in FastRawViewer manual: https://updates.fastrawviewer.com/data/FastRawViewer2-Manual-ENG.pdf#pag...

Manual is also accessible via Menu - Help -PDF Manual to not re-download it each time


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Followup:  context (right click) menus work in 'click context', so in single image view context menu on filmstrip (on a file from selected group) will act on selected group.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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